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Day Service Business

​Day service business providing a place to spend time in an unchanged lifestyle

The day service business is an important service that provides support for users to maintain their personal lives and enrich their daily lives. In addition, through family support and cooperation with the community, a system is in place to support the user's entire life.

Day Service Business


Day service projects refer to welfare services provided primarily to the elderly and disabled over a set period of time during the day. These services serve to support users so that they can continue living at home, and also serve as a place for family members and caregivers to take a break and refresh themselves.

The core role of the day service is to provide rehabilitation aimed at maintaining and improving activities of daily living and helping people maintain the rhythm of their lives. Specialized staff members provide programs aimed at training and restoring motor function, and also encourage the activation of the user's body and mind through a variety of recreational and hobby activities.

In addition, day service facilities often cover basic daily needs such as eating and bathing. In particular, meals are an important part of maintaining health for the elderly, and a key feature is that meals are provided with nutritional balance in mind.

One of the advantages of day services is that users can receive the care and rehabilitation they need while continuing to live in the familiar environment of their own homes. In addition, day services are a great source of support not only for users, but also for their families and caregivers, serving as a place to reduce the burden of caregiving and refresh their spirits.

All in all, day service businesses play an important role in supporting the lives of the elderly and people with disabilities at home, and their value is increasing as one of the welfare services in the community.

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