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​ Positive change in lifestyle

Is it possible to overcome the handicap by using a PC? Is it possible to overcome the gaps in social withdrawal and interpersonal skills and expand the possibilities? We were always thinking about establishing an office-type employment support.

Now that PCs, smartphones, and the Internet have become commonplace in our lives, the need for work using PCs continues to rise year by year.

That is why we have taken advantage of this opportunity to build a job support and design office that can only be done by us as an organization.​ ShakeHands is constantly evolving in response to fast-changing technology.

ShakeHands continues to change as every industry and function continues to update.As one of the driving forces behind this transformation, we would like to move forward step by step with those who can become partners and stakeholders of ShakeHands.

Our design (employment support) office, ShakeHands, does not aim to grow ourselves through the power of technology.We hope that people all over the country will experience and use this convenience, and that it will help us develop further.

​We are working hard every day to provide designs that bring a new breeze to companies.

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