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Design your life to paint your future

Employment support office

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You can make a reservation from the Google form page of the Shake Hands tour application reception table.

​Please feel free to apply.

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Let's start with interest

Here is your chance to open the door to design.

At our "Design Employment Support Office," we will help you explore the world of design with interest and take a new step forward. We value the idea of "starting with interest" and provide support to help you build a career that utilizes your creativity and passion.

Course and Job Details

Challenging Design Course

Business System



Work hours that suit you and an easy commute location

You can change the course of work later. You can choose the time as long as it is 3 times a week. The office is located close to the station, so it is easy to get to.

Person working

We support your challenge with a wage incentive system

The wage incentive is a system in which the more high-priced external work you take on, the more performance-based allowance you will receive when you receive payment from the client after the project is completed.



Conversational Person

Peer supporters enrolled
​ to support the parties involved

We have people with developmental and mental disabilities on staff, so you can consult with them. You can also learn more by sharing the points you struggled with when finding a job, as well as your success and failure stories.

How to Use



Please contact us by phone, email or LINE.


Complete the procedure

We will assist you with the procedures based on your doctor's certificate and beneficiary certificate.



Make an appointment and experience the job for yourself.


Commuting begins

Once you start commuting, please consult with staff and receive their consideration as you work.

Subscriber comments

Editing on a computer
Male in his 30s/developmental disability

Even after moving to a regular job, I continued to make use of my experience at ShakeHands and was valued by the company president by making suggestions for websites and flyers.

I started here just to see if there was anywhere I could go, but I'm glad I did. I was really scared when I first started, but the staff were kind and listened to me, so it was good.

ShakeHands Media Products Location

ShakeHands Hamaotsu


〒520-0047 Shiga Prefecture Otsu City Hamaotsu 3-10-3 Hamaotsu Heights Hamaotsu 2nd floor

TEL: 077-511-9296

ShakeHands Shijo Omiya

2021_0723_Solo exhibition meeting_Omiya office_08.jpg

25 Mibubojocho, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture, 604-8804

Daiichi Seibido Building 3rd floor

TEL: 075-366-2733

Outside the ShakeHands Otsu Station facility

(Inside SHIN DESIGN Design Office)


1-2-4 Umebayashi, Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture, 520-0051

Mikami Building 3rd Floor

TEL: 077-526-7686

Outside ShakeHands Sanjo Karasuma facility

(Inside the SHIN DESIGN animation studio office)


〒604-8174 Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture, Nakagyo Ward, En no Gyojacho 370

Sanjo Shiratori Building 3rd floor

TEL: 075-471-6941

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