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​Brand Origin/Logo

ShakeHands stands for connection.
​ Together with the company, together with the team, we aim to create positive benefits for society.


​brand name

​symbiosis, co-prosperity, coexistence

​ Our primary goal is to coexist and prosper together with our partners and stakeholders. Pursuing only our profits will not last long. We believe that it is important to coexist for a long time by working to benefit those around us.

brand logo

​circle, connection, diversity

​ The circle represents a circular ring, and it is a smooth tour. Overlapping lines represent connections, and irregular lines represent diversity.

​ feelings

​Why do you “challenge”

​“Challenge” is change itself and growth itself.

By resonating, we continue to change and grow together. When founder Tomoya Sawada launched this business, the first principle was "challenge."

Even if it's a challenge, it doesn't mean that we just dabble in it. Instead, we must implement initiatives that have value, significance, and excitement. I thought that I would like to make it a business that I can work on while feeling rewarding growth.

The shooting scene
Biworks, Me and the Sheep

The continuation of business is the same as the breathing of a corporation.

​Continuing to work with partner employees as a company is the same as working out.

​We believe that this is a duty that we have and will continue to do.

Group Logo
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