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Type B Employment Support Program

This is a program that allows people to continue working, learn social skills, and reintegrate into society.

Type B continuous employment support provides a workplace where you can continue to work every day.

By incorporating work as a normal part of daily life, you will be able to learn more about social skills.

Continuing employment support program


Type B continuous employment support is a service that provides people who have difficulties working due to disabilities or other reasons with an appropriate work environment and guidance that differs from the general work environment, thereby improving their social participation and quality of life. It promotes the improvement of skills and communication abilities through daily work activities, and ultimately supports their adaptation to the general employment environment.

  1. Workplace adaptation: Provide people with disabilities with the support they need to make successful adaptation to the workplace.

  2. Skills Acquisition: Providing training and instruction to acquire necessary skills and competencies.

  3. Social inclusion: Supporting people with disabilities to stay connected to society and avoid isolation.

  4. Employment continuity: Preventing employment termination due to disability and supporting long-term employment.

  5. Adjusting the work environment: Adjust and improve the work environment according to the type and degree of disability.

  6. Psychological support: Providing counselling and advice for dealing with stress and worries in the workplace.

  7. Employer bridge: Supporting communication between employers and employees with disabilities to improve understanding on both sides.

  8. Outplacement support: Support for finding a new job when employment is interrupted.

Through these roles, the Continuing Employment Support Program promotes social participation and employment stability for people with disabilities.

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