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Representative of Fukurou LLC

Tomoya Sawada

Under the management philosophy of taking on challenges without fear of change
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The planet on which we live faces a number of major challenges behind its remarkable economic development. Climate change, loss of biodiversity, and growing social inequality. These are not distant problems, but themes that are deeply related to our daily lives and the future of the next generation.

When I founded Owl LLC, my starting point was a strong aspiration to become an organization that provides value to society and the environment, beyond simply being a profit-seeking company. learning about the SDGs initiatives and incorporating them into our management has given my thoughts a clearer direction.

The welfare services we lead have the power to have no small impact on people's peace of mind and the sustainability of society. But it is not enough. We incorporate the concept of sustainability into the other side of our business, namely our management philosophy, the way we provide our services, and our approach to all stakeholders involved.

The management we aim to achieve is not simply a pursuit of profit; all of our activities must also be environmentally and socially responsible. We believe this is an essential step toward realizing a truly sustainable future.

I, for my part, would like to convey one message to you through this message. I would like to express my strong desire for a "partnership to build a sustainable future together". Our efforts and vision cannot be realized without co-creation with the community, society, and you. We sincerely hope for your understanding, support, and cooperation.

As a limited liability company, we will continue to contribute to society. We hope that our activities will touch the hearts of as many people as possible and contribute to building a sustainable world.

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