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We will support you in living a life where you can continue to smile every day.

Life Care Sunflower

A helper station that supports your daily life. Live your life the way you always have, in your own home, in good health.

Our helper stations provide support in various aspects of daily life. Many people want to continue living the same life in their homes, filled with long-held memories and daily routines. This could be gardening while enjoying the changing seasons, or reading or enjoying a hobby in a favorite place. We are here to help you feel the joy of everyday life to the fullest.

We value not only the feelings of the individual, but also the feelings of their family members. We listen carefully to the small voices and requests of family members and strive to improve the quality of our services. Our helpers have specialized knowledge and experience, but they also provide support with warmth and consideration as human beings.

Modern life is also full of various problems and challenges. By incorporating new technology and information, and by providing training and learning opportunities to provide higher quality support, we aim to always provide proactive support.

Finally, our services are customized to suit each individual's personality and needs. We promise to provide optimal support to help you live a healthy daily life. Together, let's continue to protect the life in your home that you have cherished for so long.

Inside the room

Support and Services

Business Establishment Characteristics

Users and support staff

Philosophy and Thoughts

Users and support staff

Environment and Staff

Providing personalized care

Respect for dignity
Build a relationship of security and trust

In order to share heartwarming moments with you, our important policy is to provide care that is tailored to each individual. We hope that by understanding your thoughts and hopes and walking alongside you, you can spend a more meaningful time with us.

Our care cannot be generalized. Just as each person has lived a different life, their care needs are also different. That is why we value the individuality of each person and strive to provide support that is tailored to them.

Our greatest joy as caregivers is seeing your smile and joy. We will do our utmost to help you regain your smile with peace of mind and spend your time in peace and happiness. To that end, we will be by your side with careful attention and a kind heart.

Respecting dignity is an absolute principle for us. Everyone is unique and deserves to be respected. We value the dignity of each individual and place importance on supporting independence. We will help you feel the joy and pride of living with your own strength.

Users and support staff

Philosophy and Thoughts

Environment and Staff

Support for living life without forgetting who you are

A relationship of security and trust is the most important element in our care. By building a relationship of trust with you, we can communicate more deeply and move forward together. When you open your heart to us, we can provide you with heartfelt care.

Our goal is to ensure that you always feel at ease and in a comfortable environment. That is why we are always open to listening and feeling. It is our mission to know what you need and how you can keep smiling.

What we strive to do is never one-sided care, but to walk with you, grow with you, and share joy. We believe that caregiving is not an end, but a new beginning. We want to bring out your vitality and radiance, and build a richer life together with you.

In order to share heartwarming moments with you, we will always be by your side, providing you with sincere care. We will provide care at your own pace so that you can live life the way you want to. Please feel free to consult us about any matter, no matter how trivial. We will support you, grow together with you, and spend your days filled with smiles.

A peaceful everyday life is always accompanied by being true to yourself

Wheelchair users

We help our users with various aspects of daily life so that they can live comfortably in their own homes. We provide a wide range of support tailored to each user's individual needs, from taking care of personal needs such as meals, bathing, cleaning and laundry, to medical care, medication management, and everyday conversation and communication.

The purpose of our home care service is to support our users in living an independent life and to help create an environment where they can feel safe and secure. Our staff has warm hearts and specialized knowledge and provides detailed care according to the needs of our users. We value the trusting relationship with our users and always strive to ensure that they can use our services with peace of mind. We respect the privacy of our users and provide services that are tailored to their individual needs and pace. We value communication between our users and their families and strive to improve our services through regular evaluations and consultations.

Support and Services

Location of Center Himawari

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〒525-0033 3-5-25 Higashikusatsu, Kusatsu City, Shiga Prefecture

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