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​As a company that handles business, we will provide technology and services through "fair" transactions so as not to become an unnatural company for society.

​ We believe that this vision will be a theme that should be achieved by valuing the efforts that lead to tomorrow. Instead of working and digesting your days in a state of mindlessness, which you tend to fall into, you will cherish every day and use it as a source of growth.

Responding to the issues surrounding sustainable management, such as improving the environment, respecting human rights, improving the appropriate working environment, and building fair trade relationships, is a daily task in increasing our corporate value. In addition to hedging the risk of preventing and reducing such risks, we believe that conducting economic activities nationwide through Osaka, Kyoto, Shiga and the network will lead to the improvement of corporate value in Japan. increase.

​Based on these, we will continue to increase our value as a designer office and as a welfare company for persons with disabilities, and respond to and promote new diversity that continues to be updated. We will strive to

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