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Supplier information

Information on companies that have cooperated with us as a business partner in advertising and design production for continuous employment support type B, business alliances in employment transition support, and internships. (Titles omitted)

​ Suginami Atelier Law Office

Kyoto City Hotel

Shiga Prefectural Kusatsu School for the Handicapped

Judicial Scrivener Itto Office

baked confectionery mimosa

Takaishi City Social Welfare Council

Liver office colors

Shiga Prefectural Nagahama Special Needs School

Shiga Prefectural Kitaotsu Special Needs School

CoNext Co., Ltd.

ETTO Co., Ltd.

terakoya.AI Co., Ltd.

Yokohama Pharmaceutical University

​Otsu Kansei Co., Ltd.

Other individuals

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