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The emergence of symbiotic day care services

Providing a place to gather and support your daily life. Living a healthy life in your own home.

In our daily lives, we face various events and may sometimes just go with the flow. However, there are times when unexpected moments or meaningful moments we feel during those times can bring great joy and peace to our hearts.

As "Symbiotic Day Care Mebae," we aim to share such precious time and deepen the connections between people. What we value is the smiles of each and every person with diverse backgrounds and thoughts, and the stories behind them. This is our joy and our mission.

The name "Mebae" (sprouts) evokes the image of new life and possibilities sprouting. Just as sprouts emerge from the ground and grow towards the sunlight, we hope to support your growth and new discoveries and share in your joy.

In our daily services, we value the values of "dignity," "trust," and "symbiosis." By protecting the dignity of each individual and building trust, we can foster mutual understanding and deep relationships. And with the spirit of "symbiosis" in our name, we will pursue better days together with you.

At Mebae, a symbiotic day care service, we respect the lives and thoughts of our customers and want to enrich their daily lives with our heartfelt service. We hope you will join us in building a new daily routine and sharing heartwarming moments together.

Inside the room

Support and Services

Business Establishment Characteristics


Environment and Staff

Philosophy and Thoughts

An old house on a farm. Fresh days.

Enjoy your daily life in a warm atmosphere

We have renovated a traditional Japanese house to provide a warm and welcoming space. The calm atmosphere of a traditional house and the interior design using natural materials create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere for all our guests.

Our traditional Japanese house day care service offers a wide variety of programs that allow our users to enjoy their favorite hobbies and interests. Through a variety of activities such as handicrafts, gardening, seasonal events, and traditional culture, we aim to add color to daily life.

We also value interactions with local residents, and by providing opportunities to participate in local events and activities and to deepen interactions with local residents, we have created a place where everyone can feel connected to the community.


Philosophy and Thoughts

Environment and Staff

A little sad and a little nostalgic. In the countryside.

Located in a rural area surrounded by beautiful nature, the scenery of lush rice swaying in the breeze and seasonal flowers in full bloom is sure to soothe your soul.

When you step inside the old house, you will be greeted by the nostalgic scent of wood. The sound of rain gently echoes off the old tiles on the roof. You will be welcomed into a warm atmosphere that brings to life the scenery of old Japan.

Our day care service offers programs that evoke fond memories, even if they are a little sad. We hope to provide a sense of nostalgia and a touching experience through seasonal scenery, old-fashioned games, and time to enjoy old songs and movies.

We treasure our time together. The time we spend together, sharing smiles and tears, will be etched deep in our hearts. We promise that the time we spend together in the beautiful countryside will be special and irreplaceable.

A place where connections are always born.


You can spend a peaceful time at the day care center "Mebiye" surrounded by beautiful rural scenery. The lush green rice fields and seasonal flowers will soothe your soul and bring you a moment of peace. Feel the blessings of nature and escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life to enjoy a relaxing time.

The word "Mebae" (buds) symbolizes new beginnings and growth. At our day care center "Mebae," we aim to support our users so that new possibilities can blossom. We aim to provide an opportunity for users to discover new hobbies and interests, and to bring vitality and joy to their daily lives.

At the day care center "Mebae," we offer a variety of activities to enrich your mind and foster new experiences. We have exciting programs such as gardening that makes use of the natural countryside, seasonal events, and interactions with the local community.

We also provide comprehensive support for daily life. At Mebae, we support our residents' health and comfortable lives with meals, bathing, relaxing health programs, and more. We will help you with a warm heart so that you can enjoy your daily life with peace of mind.

Support and Services

Location of Symbiotic Day Care Service Mebae

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Symbiotic Day Care Service Mebae

1876 Konan, Yasu City, Shiga Prefecture, 520-2301

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