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ShakeHands Media Products, LLC recommends the optical fiber line, SONY's nuro Hikari.

NURO HIKARI for a comfortable internet environment. Wireless LAN is available immediately! Easy application on the web. No installation fee.

We do not recommend any hard sell or forced contract.


Sony, the pride of Japan, a safe and reliable company.

The stability of the service is different because it is provided by a major historical company.


High speed line, so you can do a lot of things.

Lines are now so important that they affect a large portion of our life time.


No.1 in customer satisfaction in Kanto area

It is indeed Sony quality.

It was also kind to ShakeHands who wanted to support Sony.


Full equipment support, etc.

You can get various support and

You can enjoy an optical life with options.

Those who wish to receive an explanation of NURO Hikari

Or click here for the official NURO Hikari website.


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