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A place just for you.

Be the person you are.

Just right for you.

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Life Space Himawari

A helper station that supports your daily life. Live the life you've always lived, in the home you've always lived, in good health.

In our lives, we may be at the mercy of many daily events, and at times we may be overwhelmed by busyness. However, the small and precious moments that we tend to overlook can actually bring deep emotions to our hearts.

As a team of visiting care professionals called Life Space Mukohi, we aim to share such moments and weave warm bonds. What we support is the smiles and peace of mind of each and every one of you with your diverse personalities. This is our greatest joy and pride.

The name "Lifespace Mukohabi" is based on the image of a bright and prosperous future. The sunflower has an attitude of growing toward the sun, and its bright smile symbolizes hope. We would like to maintain this attitude and provide warm, community-based care that is close to the growth and happiness of each and every one of our residents.

In our daily care, we maintain the important concepts of "dignity," "trust," and "ambition. We value each person's dignity and build a relationship of trust to achieve comfortable communication. We are also constantly striving to improve and provide better services. This is also an expression of our attitude of taking responsibility and contributing to society.

At Life Care Mukohi, we cherish our relationships with everyone and will always be by your side with a warm smile and a sense of gratitude. We hope that together with us, you will build a rich life and share days full of smiles.


Support and Services

Features of the Office


Philosophy and Ideas

Wheelchair users


Providing personalized care

Respect for dignity
Build a relationship of security and trust

In order to share heartwarming moments with you, our key policy is to provide personalized care. We hope that we can understand and walk with you through whatever thoughts and hopes you may have, so that you can have a more meaningful time with us.

Our care is by no means a one-size-fits-all approach. Just as each person has lived a different life, so too have their care needs. That is why we value each individual's uniqueness and strive to provide the support that is right for them.

Our greatest joy as caregivers is to see your smiles and joy. We are committed to helping you feel at ease, smile again, and live a peaceful and happy life. To this end, we will be by your side with attentive attention to detail and a gentle heart.

Respect for dignity is an absolute principle for us. Everyone is unique, irreplaceable, and deserves to be respected. We value each person's dignity and emphasize support for independence. We help people to feel the joy and pride of living on their own.

Wheelchair user and support staff

Philosophy and Ideas


Support for living a life that is uniquely your own

A relationship of security and trust is the most important element of our care. By building trust with you, we are able to communicate more deeply and walk with you. When you open your heart to us, we are able to provide you with wholehearted care.

Our goal is for you to always feel safe and comfortable. That is why we always value a listening ear and a feeling heart. It is our mission to know what you need and how to make you smile.

Our heart is never to provide one-sided care, but to walk with you, grow with you, and share in your joy. We believe that care is not an end, but a new beginning. We want to draw out your zest for life, your sparkle, and build a richer life together.

To share heartwarming moments with you, we will always be there for you and provide you with sincere care. We provide care at your pace so that you can live your life as you wish. Please feel free to talk to us about any matter, no matter how trivial. Let us support you, grow together, and spend your days full of smiles.

Peaceful everyday life always goes along with being yourself.

Room where light shines

We assist our clients in various aspects of daily life so that they can live comfortably in their own homes. We provide a wide range of support tailored to the individual needs of our clients, from personal care such as meals, bathing, cleaning, and laundry, to medical care, medication management, daily conversation, and communication.

The goal of our home care services is to assist our clients in living independently and to help create a safe and comfortable environment for them. Our staff brings together warmth and expertise to provide personalized care tailored to the needs of our clients. We value the trusting relationship we have with our clients and always strive to make them feel at ease. We respect the privacy of our clients and provide services tailored to their individual needs and pace. We value communication with users and their families, and strive to improve our services through regular evaluation and consultation.

Support and Services

Life Space Himawari Location

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Life Space Himawari

2-14-13 Kamikasa, Kusatsu-shi, Shiga 525-0028

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