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​Tomoya Sawada Group representative greeting

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​Representative greeting​

Greetings from Tomoya Sawada, representative of Fukuro Group and Shake Hands.

​It can be said that the information society has passed and society has entered the age of individuals.

With the rise of YouTubers, on-demand businesses, the spread of cloud sharing, and AI, the times are changing at a rapid speed. .

​Through the spread of PC business, we will change our lifestyle and work style, and use PCs to create opportunities for people with disabilities but with talent. I believe that we are entering a new era.

We are a welfare company, but we are engaged in various jobs such as barista, web designer, SNS transmission, and video production.

The general image of welfare facilities is that they care for the elderly, but there are many more things that we can do than you might think.

"If you challenge yourself, something will always change."

"This way it will be better"


With that in mind, we have taken on new challenges one after another. And we will continue to take on the challenge of making society better so that local people can smile.


If you want to be excited every day, let's break down the wall with us!

November 2022

Tomoya Sawada, representative of the owl group, LLC

​Breaking out of the welfare framework and creating new possibilities

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