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​Group Home Business

Group home business providing living

The Group Home Program is an initiative to provide residential facilities for people with disabilities to live independently in a communal setting. This is intended to provide a place for people with disabilities to live with appropriate support when they need to live away from home or when family care is difficult.

Group Home Business


A group home refers to a facility that provides a communal living space set aside for people in need of care, such as the elderly with dementia or physical disabilities. It is primarily a small-scale residential facility with a home-like environment, in which several users share their daily lives.

The main feature of this facility is its emphasis on continuity of life in a home-like atmosphere. Staff provides 24-hour support, ranging from assistance with daily activities such as eating, bathing, and toileting, to recreational activities and communication support.

As needs increase, group homes are attracting attention as places that support daily living while respecting the individual's personality. Living in a home-like environment is said to be effective in mitigating the progression of dementia, and aims to improve the mental and physical health and quality of life of users.

Group homes also promote communication and interaction among users, which can be expected to prevent social isolation. Staff members are committed to respecting the individuality and needs of each user and providing support accordingly.

Overall, group homes play a role in many communities as facilities that provide a safe place for the elderly and people with disabilities to live through communal living in a home-like environment.

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