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​ShakeHands history

Change, Fluctuation, and Fluidity “Change with the Power of Design”

​ Become a person who makes things

​Our history

Post-employment support

​March 2021

​Employment transition support opening

Established ShakeHands to support employment transition.

​ A place where you can learn work such as design and PC office work.

Video equipment

​December 2019

​Video production business start

Developed the video production business as a new promotion and advertising business.

​ Responsible for producing videos for social welfare corporations and contributing to their promotion.


​January 2019

​Online shopping business exhibition started

​ Started listing on the Internet Skill Market. Connect and contribute to many new clients such as clients from Tokyo and Osaka.

Kusatsu Halloween

​October 2018

​ Participate as a Kusatsu Halloween support company.

​ Participated as a product sales company, packaging using design technology, and all the prepared handmade sweets sold out.


​August 2018

Participate in the Lake Biwa Fireworks Festival as a supporting company.

We will print paper fans and distribute them to the people who gather as volunteers.

​ Create a booth to sell beverages.

Design Production

​July 2018

As a design production business, production of a large administrative related booklet for the first time.

​ Production will be carried out after receiving a voice from the person in charge. Since it was a 30-page booklet, it was just after the start of the business and the equipment was not perfect, but everyone worked together to deliver it.

Inside the company

June 2018

​ Started business as a design production business (employment support).

Launched as an office-type employment support. The business started with three PCs and one floor in Hamaotsu.

​ Start small without any recognition from the surroundings.

Inside the company

​June 2021

​Kyoto Omiya No. 2 office opened

​Opened Omiya No. 2 office, functioning as a sales base and also performing design production, creating an environment where we can smoothly provide products to clients in Kyoto.

Woman illustration


​Holding a solo exhibition at Kyoto Omiya

He held a solo exhibition to show the works of ShakeHands, and many of his previously unseen works that had been kept in storage appeared on the front stage and were seen by many people.

​In addition, there was an interview request from NHK.

BeWorks, Me and the Sheep

​November 2022

​ Published Shiga Kyoto's welfare magazine Biworks with a grant from Daitron

With the support of Daitron, we were able to publish a free paper on the theme of disability welfare. Produced by demonstrating all the skills that workers have.

​ A big step forward as a design office.

Inside the company

​November 2022

​Employment support campus opening

A class to learn about society by a professor emeritus of Shiga University has started.

​ With ShakeHands, you can take valuable real classes that you could only take at university.

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