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​design production service

​ "Contributing to society through the power of design"
​We are always pursuing economical designs.

​Continue to research and develop design technology and techniques for our clients. That is the basic service philosophy of ShakeHands. We will always work positively without fear of change, and we will return the benefits obtained to our clients and communities. Our challenges are always conscious of the economic effect on the region and society. This is our service.

​business card design


​We provide full-order business card designs. I will make a business card for a lifetime.

​ Please contact us.

​poster design


​ Many achievements such as posters for Tokyo Metro stations. We will create a great poster that attracts the impression of many people.

​ logo design


The ​ logo is a corporate symbol that can be used for 10 years once created. We will listen carefully and propose the best logo design.

​Data production(processing)


We offer a wide range of services, from data production to photo processing.

​Please contact us first.

​flyer design


​We will produce full-order flyers. A flyer is not something that is good to have, and our designers will create a wonderful flyer that will give you a new impression.

​catalog design


​ We offer a wide range of services, from catalogs to menu production. Please contact us once.

​Illustration production


​ We provide illustrations with various tastes. Please contact us first to discuss your requirements.

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