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By achieving the three themes that the owl group has set,
We will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

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​Realization of a sustainable society

Welfare that coexists with the environment

As a member of the community

​ Leave a better environment for the next generation

Independent welfare in society

As a responsible member of society

​not only supported but supported

Welfare that eliminates inequality

As a professional responsible for social welfare

​Enrich everyone

Initiatives at Shake Hands


​Published by the free magazine BiWorks

We publish the free magazine BiWorks.


The magazine is designed to improve the image of employment support offices for people with disabilities, and to help those who are about to enter society and enter employment support have hopes and aspirations and choose their career path.


In a crowdfunding project, we are working on creating an original picture book with people with disabilities.

This is an initiative to help people understand their individuality and strengths, such as those with developmental disabilities.

​▽The production process of "Boku and Sheep" is being posted on Twitter.


Authentic Kaiseki

As part of our service activities, we filmed, interviewed, and edited videos for nearby stores and released them on YouTube.

We are working to revitalize the city through store PR.

We also created a PR video for stores in Kyoto City.

▽ Click here for the Youtube channel that conveys the culture of Kyoto and Shiga!

JapanTrip CH Kyoto Channel

Other Sustainability Initiatives

・Planning to set up an Internet consultation desk for people with withdrawals
・ Open a store at Kusatsu Halloween and sell coffee yokan

Improving the image of employment support offices and revitalizing exchanges with local communities
・Efforts to reproduce and build business offices in the virtual space of the Metaverse and expand the possibilities for people with disabilities to engage in social activities on the Internet.
・Participated in an art contest for people with disabilities as a cultural and artistic activity
・ Planning and execution of a service to create flyers free of charge for stores that have been published in newspaper articles and are suffering from advertising due to the corona crisis due to lack of funds
・Inviting external medical institutions and teachers to hold lectures to relieve users' social anxieties

Group Logo.webp
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