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Modern society is said to be an age of flowing information, and the safety of information in this age is an essential element that cannot be compromised. At Fukuro LLC, we consider the information we hold to be our most important asset, and we are working to ensure its safety and reliability.

Data Protection Policy

Manual Instruction

We provide information security education to all employees to encourage them to be aware of it in their daily work. We continue to make efforts to raise security awareness through regular training and simulations.

Adopting cutting edge technology

Cyber-attack methods are constantly evolving. We use the latest security technologies and solutions to build systems that prevent external attacks and unauthorized access.

Continuous monitoring

We have an information infrastructure monitoring system in place 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, enabling us to quickly detect any abnormal activity or access and respond promptly.

Information leakage prevention

We implement a wide range of measures to reduce the risk of information leaks, such as encrypting databases and strictly managing access rights.

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