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Behind the development of the city is always the result of great work.

Behind the development of the city is always the result of great work.

Recruitment information

At ShakeHands, we challenge together
​We are looking for members who can keep our work interesting.


vulnerable to change
​Don't tell me.
​We are the ones who make the evolution happen.

It's very boring to live the same day for the rest of your life. If it works the same, I want to make it interesting. ShakeHands is looking for colleagues who can work with such a mindset.

Enjoy change and experience evolution.

We are a team that always works positively so that every day is exciting and irreplaceable, full of challenges, successes and failures.

​ Those who join us will be one of the main characters in the story of such a challenge.

do a good job
​A good sense of accomplishment.

No two days in life or in society are the same.

Be aware of this and enjoy the tide of the times while always feeling your own evolution. It's interesting because no two days are the same. Different tactics, different strategies.

Nothing in society is monotonous and boring. Being able to play life in a physical body means

​ is luxury at its finest.

Young and senior women
3 employees

Instead of adjusting yourself to the times.
​Carve your own path.

No matter what the world is like, if you can face your life with all your might, a different view will open up.

At ShakeHands, we continue to create an environment where you can work hard. Optimize for those who want to work positively.

It may be unsuitable for those who are satisfied with it as time passes. But for those who want to see a different view tomorrow and feel the impact of their work

​ is the perfect environment.

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