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Employment transition support program

Employment transition support to help you find a job and improve your skills


Employment transition support


Employment transition support is a support program to help young people and people with disabilities make a smooth transition from school or institution to society and the workplace. The aim is to develop the skills and confidence they need to achieve independent living and sustainable employment. We provide customized support to meet individual capabilities and goals, helping you to maximize your potential.

  • Providing a place to improve skills: We provide an environment where you can learn the skills necessary for employment. Improve your communication, task management, presentation and other abilities.

  • Career advice: We help you decide which career is right for you. We consider your strengths and interests and plan your future career path together.

  • Providing real-world work experience: We provide you with real-world work experience, allowing you to understand the work environment and workflow. This is a valuable opportunity to build your confidence.

  • Improve self-esteem: Through successful experiences, you will improve your self-esteem and prepare to take on new challenges. Believe in yourself and develop a positive approach.

  • Support for job preparation: We provide necessary preparations for job hunting, such as how to write a resume and how to prepare for an interview. You will learn how to promote yourself.

  • Support for adapting to a new environment: We support the employee in adapting to a new workplace and social environment. We aim to improve communication skills and workplace etiquette.

Employment transition support provides support tailored to your individual needs and goals and is an important step towards achieving independent living and meaningful employment.

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