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​Multifunctional employment support business

Role as a multifunctional office

​ShakeHands operates as a "multi-functional employment support office" so that you can change the support you receive according to your current step.

A business that provides two or more disability welfare services

Multi-functional employment support

Multi-functional business establishments are two or more of designated life care, independence training (functional training), independence training (life training), employment transition support, and continuous employment support type A and B based on the Comprehensive Support Act for Persons with Disabilities. It is a name that refers to a business establishment that has *

* The administrative designation range and name may differ depending on the region.

You can switch support depending on your skill level and situation.

At Shake Hands, you can receive either continuous employment support type B or employment transition support.

This support can be switched as needed.

As the user's stage moves toward general employment, the content of necessary employment support will also change.

The feature of Shake Hands is that you can receive a series of flows from continuing to work to transitioning to work in the same commuting environment.

​Production department

Graphic Design Division
Web Production Division
Video Editing
Publishing Division
Illustration Production Department
Administration Section


Various support systemsis set up.

​Please contact us for details.

Enrolled as a professional designer

by professional designer

​direct support

Qualification system

Registration for examinations for qualifications such as Excel, Word, and illustrator

incentive system

​There is an incentive system to increase wages by participating in the project.

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