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Home care support business

Community life support activities as a home care support business

We strive every day to help people cope with the challenges that come with aging and illness. We respect the individual needs and wishes of our users and provide compassionate support to help them live a safe and comfortable life.

Our staff not only have specialized knowledge and experience, but also warm hearts. Your smiles are our driving force. We will work together to come up with a plan that suits each individual, and we will move forward together while cherishing the bonds of the community.

Segment Care Plan


A home care support business is a specialized business that, with a care manager at the center, develops, adjusts, and provides service plans for elderly people and people with disabilities who require care. The main role of this business is to fully understand the daily life, health condition, and living background of the user, and based on that, create the optimal care service plan and provide appropriate services.

Care managers communicate closely with users and their families to determine the type and frequency of care services required. They also work with different professionals and service providers to coordinate comprehensive care tailored to the needs of users. This typically includes coordination with home care services, day care services, short stay services, and other facility services, as well as medical institutions and rehabilitation facilities.

In addition, care managers regularly review and update service plans to accommodate changes in the client's circumstances and new needs, thus supporting the client to continue living in their own home and working to improve their quality of life.

Home nursing care support centers serve as important bases where teams led by care managers utilize their specialized nursing care knowledge and experience to provide support that meets the unique needs and wishes of each individual user.


We believe that the home care service is an important initiative to support life at home in an aging society, and that it plays a role in providing customized care tailored to the individual needs of each user.

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