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Response to the new coronavirus

Response to the new coronavirus

The whole world is under the influence of the new coronavirus, and Fukurou LLC is no exception. However, in this unprecedented situation, our sense of mission has become even stronger. Welfare services are essential for many people. For this reason, we are taking the following measures.

Thorough hygiene management

We are implementing strict hygiene management at all facilities and service points. We are proactively taking measures to ensure the safety of users and staff, such as regular disinfection, health checks for staff, and making the wearing of masks mandatory during peak infection periods.

Reduce the risk of infection

We are taking measures to reduce the risk of infection, such as maintaining social distance and introducing remote work where necessary.

Information and Transparency

We are regularly updating you on the latest information about COVID-19 and our efforts to be transparent and maintain trust with our users and stakeholders.

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