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Adapted to each individual's life

A new way of life


Care Plan Center Himawari

I want to live the way I want to live. Home nursing care support that makes that a reality. This is what we wanted to achieve together with our founder.

There is one important idea behind the home care support business we started. That is, we want to fulfill the wish of many people to "live life in their own way." We understand the importance and difficulty of living each day while maintaining one's own individuality. We believe that even people who have difficulty living their daily lives due to illness, aging, disability, etc., have the right to live life in their own way.

As a founder, I have always held this belief. It was born from what I felt while caring for my parents and from what I have heard directly from many people. Our service is not just a care service. We value the individuality and values of each client, that is, their "uniqueness," and provide support that is tailored to them.

Our team shares the founder's vision and works hard every day to make it a reality. We support our clients in "living their own way" by thoroughly understanding the backgrounds and needs of each client and providing support accordingly. We hope that together with us you can regain your everyday life and enjoy a richer life once again.

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Care Manager

It all started at the Care Plan Center.

Peaceful everyday life
Always be yourself

We value warm human relationships and practice care management based on trust and security. We value a community-based approach and provide a variety of services while making the most of local resources.

Our care managers are all experienced and enthusiastic professionals. They understand the care needs of each individual and propose the best plan while maintaining close communication. They also share concerns and worries about caregiving and provide total support, including mental care.

Our number one priority is building relationships of trust with our users. We respect the life experiences and values of each individual, and we will help you with specialized knowledge and a warm heart. If you have any problems or concerns, please feel free to consult us at any time. We will work with you to help build a better future.

Care Plan Center Himawari hopes to walk together with the local community and grow together. We are always ambitious, pursuing the latest information and trends, and striving to improve our services. We value your feedback and work hard every day to provide better services.

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Philosophy and Thoughts

Care Manager

Everyday life is filled with authenticity

Our care management office will continue to be a trusted partner for those who are covered by long-term care insurance. Our mission is to help improve your health and quality of life. We will sincerely address your concerns and issues, provide optimal care plans, and provide you with a sense of security and satisfaction.

Trusted and Experienced: We have years of experience and expertise to provide you with a care plan that is tailored to your individual needs. We are the experts you can trust to help you with your health.

Attentive support: We value close communication with you and respond quickly when needed. We respond flexibly to your requests and circumstances, giving you peace of mind.

Care Network: We work with an extensive care network, connecting with healthcare facilities, nursing homes and service providers to deliver comprehensive care.

Peace of mind comes from making personal choices every day

Conversation with support staff

We aim to provide comprehensive support to improve the quality of life. The services we offer range from daily living support to specialist advice, rehabilitation, education and consulting.

First, we provide basic support for daily life, such as housework, shopping, and transportation, so that clients can live with peace of mind. We also provide professional advice on health and lifestyle, and work with medical institutions and experts as necessary to provide optimal support.

In addition, rehabilitation and educational support promotes physical and mental recovery and helps clients reintegrate into society, engage in hobbies, and enjoy life again as they should.

We always strive to provide optimal support by thoroughly understanding each individual's needs and circumstances. Our goal is for our users to live fulfilling lives every day with peace of mind. To that end, we offer a wide range of support and services.

Support and Services

Location of Care Plan Center Himawari

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