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​ "Times change, technology changes, welfare changes"

At Shake Hands, an office-type multi-functional employment support, we value each day.
Every day, I am working hard to improve my skills, even if only by one thing, and to develop human resources who can truly contribute to society.

In the world of challenges, it doesn't matter whether you have a disability or not.
It is completely barrier-free.

Even for those who find it difficult to take the first step, we, experts in support and production, will support both environmental and technical aspects.
We are striving every day to become a truly valuable place of business that encourages self-growth that gives people a sense of purpose in life, rather than just providing support that makes life easier.

“Better welfare for the times” is constantly changing.
People are changing, technology is new, society is transforming.
Staying close to them, understanding them, and adapting to them means delivering "the welfare that the users in front of us need right now."

The owl group will develop welfare that will change for the better without being bound by the past.

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​A company that creates value

It won't be a decadent activity that makes you less interested in everything. In the field of design, the more you work, the more skills you accumulate and the more possibilities you have.

great value from continuity

​We want to be a company that everyone finds out.


​ Living in society

​ To lead a social life. Economic activities are directly linked to life. Is it possible to create a rewarding job from the perspective of work in order to make life activities come alive? Our policy is constantly updated.

​Support for the next generation

As lifestyles change, so do work styles. I feel that the possibilities of the PC field are expanding in response to changes in style.

We will devote ourselves to technical development as a specialist and respond to the new era.

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