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​Office type design office Employment support office

​We have been working on the theme of "office employment support" since its establishment. Based on the idea of diversification in welfare workshops for persons with disabilities, for those who want to work but find it difficult to get up to type A, let alone regular employment is still premature, we will start with training and rehabilitation to work at the office. It is operated based on the idea of how about trying it.

​The significance of being a “design office”

We have something that only we can do.

I believe that it is a possibility that everyone has. As technology and business models continue to change, everything will be done on the network, and in a sense, it is thought that this will also be an opportunity for people with disabilities.


On the PC, on the network, even if you have a handicap, you are not exposed to prejudices such as appearance.


It simply requires human effort.

I believe that this means that opportunities will come equally to everyone.

Physically demanding and difficult to interact with. For those people, we chose

It is a design production office using a PC.

There is no prejudice in design. It just depends on whether there is great design out there.

​DTP production Advertising production Video production Manga production Publishing Web production

Collect rewarding pieces and enrich your life with your own power

​ and let's contribute to society and create a better life together.

​ "Creative" work

Manufacturing is a sense that can be said to be the basis of humankind since ancient times.

This is proved by the fact that people have gained a lot of richness by creating things, and have reflected the whole society.

Focusing on the skills of such people to create things, ShakeHands chose to create advertisements in an environment where it is easy to take on challenges on a PC.

You can engage in daily work while making things and feeling the original way of being. ​

​I think that design is perfect as a choice of life work.

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