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About personal information protection

Fukuro Group Personal Information Handling Policy

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As a responsible member of society, we, the Fukuro Group, follow the idea of working together with our partners to solve social issues. We will strive to protect security and contribute to the sound development of social welfare and economic activities.


We are deeply aware of the importance of information security in social welfare and various business activities, and strive to provide safe and secure support welfare and various services, and work to ensure information security.


Under the supervision of Fukuro Limited Liability Company, each office has established an appropriate information management system to prevent inappropriate browsing, loss, falsification, and leakage of information, as well as measures, education, and audits to minimize damage. We will continue to improve In addition, we will ask our business partners, etc. who handle information that requires management to ensure appropriate information security, and strive to protect information throughout our business activities.


As a welfare business that always handles personal information, protecting information is a basic obligation. In addition, as business operators engaged in economic activities, information is a valuable asset for business continuity, and protecting information is an important corporate responsibility. The officers and employees of the Fukuro Group and each business site are fully aware of this, and comply with related laws and regulations such as the Personal Information Protection Act, as well as the confidentiality of information of users and related parties who have come to know in the course of business. , We will establish information management regulations, etc., and if violations of these regulations are found, we will deal with them strictly based on disciplinary regulations.

At Shake Hands, all officers and employees are provided with training by a third-party institution once a quarter regarding the management of personal information. In addition, based on the personal information protection regulations of the company regulations, the person in charge strictly audits and provides guidance on information management at the site.

Shake Hands Initiatives for Safe Management of Information

Handling of personal information by Shake Hands

1. Handling of personal information

We acquire personal information necessary for conducting business, but we use this personal information for the following purposes. In addition, when responding to telephone calls, we may record the call in order to accurately understand the content of the inquiry and to improve future services.

2. Purpose of use

The purpose of use of personal information acquired by the Company is as follows.

(1) To provide appropriate services in support welfare work based on the Act on Support and Support for Persons with Disabilities, which handles personal information.

(2) For identity verification when making inquiries, sending materials, etc.

(3) For notification of services in our business

3. Third party disclosure/provision

The Company will not disclose or provide personal information to third parties, except in the case of provision to subcontractors, etc., when used for the purposes described in 2., and in the following cases.

(1) When consent is obtained from the individual concerned

(2) When disclosing or providing statistical data, etc., in a state where the individual cannot be identified

(3) When disclosure/provision is requested based on laws and regulations in accordance with each item of Paragraph 23, Paragraph 1 of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information

(4) When it is difficult to obtain the person's consent when it is necessary for the protection of human life, body or property

​(5) When it is necessary to cooperate with the government or local public bodies in carrying out public affairs, we will obtain the consent of the person concerned to carry out the affairs. When there is a risk of hindrance

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